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Origin: Raleigh - Durham, NC


Genres:  College Rock Revival, Indie-Rock, Alternative-Rock


Years Active:  2021- Present


Label:  labels are for wussies


Website: You're here

Booster Club is a College Rock Revival™ band from the Raleigh-Durham area. Formed in 2021, this post-pandemic alternative indie-rock band is lead by singer/guitarist Steven Bailey (Indiobravo, The Jaded Rakes, Paloma, Waxing Myrna)  joined by bassist Alan Levine (Bob Funck Band, Coytah, and Indiobravo) and drummer Joey Zielazinski (Secretary Pool, The Softeners).

While Booster Clubs’s influences quickly become apparent (The Replacements, Pixies, Hüsker Dü, et al), their songs stand on their own; being delivered with an authentic fervor fueled by death-anxiety and caffeine. Despite sharing common aesthetics with pre-internet college radio artists, Booster Club takes on forward-leaning sensibilities that are unafraid to veer from anthemic hooks to art-rock chaos.

Reviews & Press for "Here Kid" EP:

"The guitars are razor sharp, the bass busy and angry, and the drumming full and inventive"..."This is classic alternative rock, as influenced by the punk bands of the late ’70s" 3.9 out of 5

Various press from past bands:


“Bailey’s vocals have a cathartic punk feel that is visceral”  


“Jumps out of the gate…spills with emotion… this song kicks ass… rock that is authentic, satisfying, and visceral”


“One of the highlights of Mom Pop is the lyrics behind the songs; “Crashing” is filled with colorful metaphors about a relationship gone sour. The hook is also very catchy.”


“The Jaded Rakes offer a refreshing rock 'n' roll sound that alternates between catchy Elvis Costello and Wilco-like rootsy pop and fuzzy, experimental tween pop. A delightfully eclectic indie band, The Jaded Rakes seem poised to make a solid impact on the regional music circuit for years to come” 


“Steven Bailey and his music lead a double life”


Past Shows:

Nov 05, 2022 - Cat's Cradle Backroom

Label: Currently self-released


Management: Currently self-managed




PR: Currently self-PR'd


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