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Booster Club "Set Down"

Hailing from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Booster Club is a self-proclaimed “College Rock Revival” band. When reading that, I honestly didn’t know what that meant but I quickly understood as this song started to play. There’s a clear retro feeling throughout this song mostly due to the fuzzy recording quality. I’m typically not one for overly-fuzzy music but what Booster Club has done with it is genius. You can still hear every word and every note clearly throughout this three-minute long song. The influences that come to mind as this song played are the likes of The Replacement and Pixies yet there’s a fresh take on that style making sure this song doesn’t feel dates. The controlled chaos and booming energy is just the icing on the cake to “Set Down”.

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In their latest single, “Failure,” North Carolina’s Booster Club delivers a punchy ode to frustration and tenacity that lives up to their self-described College Rock Revival™ vibe. The track is an adrenaline-pumped melee of sonic defiance, reminiscent of a knock-down, drag-out brawl—exhilarating, chaotic, and unapologetically raw. The influences of Pixies and The Replacements are worn on the sleeve, but Booster Club offers more than mere homage. The song balances on the tightrope between anthemic hooks and art-rock chaos, establishing the band as a fresh voice amid their revered forebears.

“Failure” is charged with the essence of late-night caffeine binges and existential anxieties, providing a compelling and authentic snapshot of indie rock in the post-pandemic era. Lyrics like “Gummed ham, in a tin can/That’s my head/Before you were in it,” and “Impressed with your dry rot/And matchbooks/You drown a smile/With your system,” are steeped in self-deprecation and introspection, anchored by the triumphant refrain, “But I don’t feel like a failure.” In this volatile interplay of noise and melody, Booster Club masterfully channels the spirit of college radio’s past, while injecting a healthy dose of contemporary sensibility into the mix. With “Failure,” they declare their resilience and refuse to bow down to the struggles, be they personal or collective, encapsulating the angst and resolve of the modern indie-rock ethos.


Booster Club - Failure

Such a nice little jam. Love the sweet and affectionate sounding guitar work. It just has this lay back with your eyes closed and enjoy quality. The vocals really worked so well on this too. I really enjoyed it!

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Booster Club - Set Down

Booster Club has really caught our attention with their new single, Set Down. The NC based act, whose music is inspired by the college rock of the 80s and 90s, have delivered with this track, the first off their new EP, Brace. The track is a slow, aggressive alt rock song with elements of grunge in the arrangement. Fans of acts like Linkin Park and the Foo Fighters will be sure to find a spot for this song in their rotation.

Last Day Deaf (Blog) on Set Down - A powerful indie rock song with an intense main melodic line and great guitars, whose repetition kept the song grounded.

American Pancake (Blog) on Set Down - Very cool nostalgic sounds and the vocals feel right in this revival rock setting


New Audio: Booster Club Shares an Anthemic Ode to Failure

Raleigh–Durham-based indie outfit Booster Club features a collection of grizzled North Carolina scene vets: Steven Bailey (vocals, guitar), who has had stints with Indiobravo, The Jaded Rakes, Paloma and Waxing Myrna; Alan Levine (bass), who has played with Bob Funck Band, Coytah, and Indiobravo; and Joey Zielazinski (drums), who had had stints with Secretary Pool and The Softeners.

Earlier this year, I wrote about “Say It Out Loud,” an anthemic, college radio friendly jam built around enormous hooks, fuzzy power chords and heart-proudly-on-sleeve performances from old pros. At its heart, the song is a vital and powerful reminder that craft and earnestness are timeless whether you’re 20., 40 or 60 — and that this music thing is for the young, and the forever young at heart.

“Failure,” the North Carolina-based outfit’s latest single “Failure” continues a run of 120 Minutes-era MTV/college radio-like material built around the band’s penchant for big, catchy hooks but paired with a 12 bars blues-like guitar line, a simple old-timey backbeat and a heartbreakingly earnest vocal delivery. The song evokes a familiar feeling for anyone in a creative field — that nagging sensation of failure that’s always right around the corner.


“Set Down” Sparks Electrifying Trip Down Memory Lane of Classic Rock.

The latest single from Booster Club, “Set Down,” is a tribute to the golden age of rock. The band from Raleigh-Durham has expertly blended nostalgic riffs with modern punk energy, resulting in a triumphant track. Their undeniable talent and unwavering passion for music create an electrifying experience that will captivate any rock enthusiast. .

The song “Set Down” by Booster Club immediately captures your attention with its raw and edgy sound that takes you back to the golden era of classic rock. The powerful guitar riffs, reminiscent of iconic bands like The Replacements and Hüsker Dü, create a thrilling and energetic atmosphere. Steven Bailey’s vocals are authentic and passionate, perfectly matching the song’s rebellious spirit.

What makes Booster Club unique is its ability to blend anthemic hooks with art-rock chaos seamlessly, showcasing its modern sensibilities. “Set Down” is an exhilarating trip down memory lane that offers a fresh take on the college radio sound with a contemporary edge.

“Set Down” is a must-listen for rock enthusiasts who crave a nostalgic yet electrifying musical experience. With their undeniable talent and genre-defying approach, Booster Club is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene.

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